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  Learn English for the Real World

Study English in the best place on earth! Immerse yourself in Canadian culture and people as you learn real world English and visit a variety of local attractions. Learn English by living it, by doing it, and by using it!

Our unique English programs are founded on two beliefs: that language is symbiotic and needs life to exist; and only through practice will your language skills sharpen. Our exclusive methodology allows you to learn English at the best language school, and we help transfer your core classroom knowledge to your real life by providing daily opportunities to use your new skills.

From sipping coffee with the locals to watching a dazzling Ice Hockey game at world-famous stadium, you will experience Canada like you never thought possible.

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Super ESL Super ESL Program is a unique, effective English total immersion program that incorporates classroom knowledge with real life practice by providing extra activities and interaction with local people.
Business English The combination of the business component and the language program helps reinforce the communication ability of students in a business context and gain work experience in Canada.
Medical English This program is designed to provide a solid foundation in communication skills in health, medicine and healthcare. It is ideal for healthcare professionals seeking future employment within Canada. 
Internship Study This program provides the unique opportunity to work at a Canadian company in the student's field of choice. The skills of the student will be matched with the job requirements of the company.
Summer Program This popular summer program is hosted at UBC (University of British Columbia) campus in July and August every year. Classes are designed with subjects of specific interest to young teenagers.
1-on-1  English RWE’s Tailored 1-On-1 Language Program is customized to fit your specific English  learning needs and preferences, as well as improve your English language ability dramatically.

Our programs are offered to persons from all over the world, who are at least 16 years old. Our programs offer an international atmosphere with participants from different linguistic backgrounds, proficiency levels and a wide variety of needs.

Program Features

  • Affordable, accredited and quality English language programs

  • Unique methodology: Learn English by living it

  • Small classes averaging 5 to 7 students*

  • Flexible start dates starting every Monday or on specified dates

  • All levels from Total Beginner to Advanced

  • Total Immersion programs taught by experienced native English speakers

  • Comprehensive and balanced curriculum integrating all aspects of the English language: reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary

  • Total program fees include Tuition, Accommodation, Accommodation Placement, Text Books (where specified), Emergency Travel & Medical Insurance, Registration, Placement Test, Certificate, Orientation, Welcome Pack, Airport Pickup, and more

  • Free:

    • Program advisors offering on-going assistance

    • Social and cultural activities

    • Guided excursions to famous attractions

    • Multi-media centers for self study

    • Email and internet access

Immerse in the English language, experience unique Canadian culture and way of life. Be part of this rewarding, enjoyable and unforgettable educational experience of a lifetime.


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